Let your ears perk up
to the sounds
that have continued
for who knows
for how long
of people's
let your ears perk up
shut your eyes
let your ears perk up...

Sound of cutting grass sound of beating iron sound of carving wood sound of playing on a flute
sound of cooking meat sound of pouring sake sound of pounding on a door
sound of thinking aloud.

Shuntaro Tanikawa
Translated by Harold Wright



Jonatha and Harold Wright have been specializing in Ohio, Ohio Appalachian and Japanese stories for the last several years.

Their performances are personable and lively. They carry their audience through the full range of emotions with sensitivity and taste, always leaving you with warm and comfortable feelings. Sometimes poetry is added for variety or emphasis. Another variant are authentic Kamishibai stories complete with stage, wooden clappers, bicycle and candy.

Audiences are treated to a slice of the other, whether that be Japanese, Appalachian, or historical Ohio culture. Events where they have been featured over the years are The Kyoto (Japan) Connection, Kyoto Seika University (Japan), numerous U.S. colleges such as Antioch, Sinclair Community College, Ashland and Wittenberg, The Columbus Art Institute, Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference in Boston, MA, in addition to numerous elementary schools, libraries, festivals and conferences throughout Ohio, Kentucky and other states.

The Wrights have taught storytelling in many area colleges. They do workshops all over the U.S. and in Kyoto on storytelling techniques and skills. Professionally they belong to the state storytelling groups of Ohio, Kentucky and Florida ( OOPS!, KSA and FSA ) the National Storytelling Network, and the Miami Valley Storytellers.



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