Dear Jonatha and Harold,
Thank you so much for wising me up about stories! … (My) dad, feeling somewhat useless after his stroke…has begun writing stories from his 95 years of living, at my suggestion and inspired by you. He’s written at least 40 pages by now and it has given him a whole new purpose...

Harold’s translations of poetry have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies both in the U.S. and abroad. Translations of his English translations from the Japanese have appeared in several other languages of the world

“Thank you for once again sharing portions of your vast storytelling expertise with Kentucky Storytelling Association conference participates. Your session on incorporating poetry was very well received. We are fortunate to be able to benefit from your talent, enthusiasm, expertise and your ability to teach others.”
Betsy Fleischer, Board President

Jonatha and Harold,
Thank you so much for taking part in the Ashland Festival, you were a delight so wonderful to hear and the workshop was everything we wanted.
Donna Marie Kuczynski, Organizer of the Storytelling Festival at Ashland University


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Jonatha’s New Program: “Little Pink Fish Stories.” At the request of a granddaughter,
wearing pink Pajamas, who wanted a fish story, Jonatha has written, from her orally told
stories, a series of 17 and counting, stories about a little pink fish. They are in her most
recent publications: Little Pink Fish Stories, Part I (11-28-10) and Part II (1- 22-11). This program is geared for four to eight year olds. The children will go on many adventures with the little fish, to the zoo, to a swordfish fencing match and more; she struggles with her emotions such as jealousy, hurting friends’ feelings, or acting out in kindergarten class; she also has fantastic adventures at places like the Coral Palace with Queen Conch, and in the Dragon Kingdom.

These are Cross Cultural/Cross Generational presentations — audiences are treated to a slice of the other, whether that be Japanese, Appalachian, or historical Ohio culture. Events where they have been featured over the years are The Kyoto (Japan) Connection, Kyoto Seika University (Japan), numerous U.S. colleges such as Antioch, Sinclair Community College, Ashland and Wittenberg, The Columbus Art Institute, Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference in Boston, MA, in addition to numerous elementary schools, libraries, festivals and conferences throughout Ohio, Kentucky and other states.

The Wrights specialize in Ohio, Ohio Appalachian and Japanese stories. These are their cultural backgrounds, and Japan has been their scholarly and emotional focus.

General Programs Include:

“Water, Water, Everywhere:  Ohio’s Rivers, Lakes and Dams”  A sprinkling of stories from Ohio’s past to the present:  history, legends, myths and memories of bottom lands, brooks, bogs and backwaters.  Also stories of water ecology.  Maybe even a ‘fishy’ tale.

“That Jack, and His Kin” Hear all about Jack as he is known in Ohio. You will also meet his mother, granny, his girl - Sugar, and more. Lots of fun with many subtle lessons, some nonsense and lots of good common sense too.

“Famous, Fabulous and Infamous Ohioans” Ohio has them all: heroes and heroines from Annie Oakley to Neil Armstrong; the fabulous Rockefellers, U.S. presidents, generals, inventors; and a good share of villains and shysters.

“From Ohio, Across the Ocean and Back” These tell tales and experiences of cross cultural influence as the Wrights have collected stories of all genre in Japan, Ohio’s influences on Japan; and Japans influence on Ohio.

“From Sailor to Student To Scholar: Harold Wrights Personal Stories of Japan, Spanning Fifty-five Years" Harold fell in love with Japan in 1952 as a young sailor. These stories gathered though his numerous and extensive times in Japan span the desperate days of post WWII through their internationally recognized economic success of recent years. You will meet some well know Japanese celebrities first hand.

“Two Thousand Years of Tales from Japan” These are historical tales, myths, legends, folk and fairy tales. They are told both solo and in tandem as the Wrights bring Japan's rich culture alive through story. A kamishibai storytelling presentation can be added at your request. Tailor made programs at your request. The Wrights enjoy working up special programs just for your specific need and interest. Give us two months notice and you will have your own group of stories on your personal topic. Are you wanting a program on animals? Love and courtship? Holiday-specific? Wise women? You name it, then we will discuss the possibilities.

"A Story of Japanese Poetry: Harold Wright's Personal Favorites" Harold Wright will read from his most recent translations compiled in his work, "A Story of Japanese Poety: Harold Wright's Personal Favorites." A noted translator of Japanese poetry, these works represent poems from Classical Japanese, such as from the Manyoshu, to modern poems, such as by Tanikawa Shuntaro. Included is a discussion of Japanese poetry types: choka, tanka, haiku, senryu and modern.